Keeping a Routine


Despite lockdown restrictions being lifted, many people are still spending a lot of time indoors. With winter slowly approaching, your time spent indoors will grow significantly. Here are a few tips on making the most out of every day and feeling productive at home.


Leave That Phone on the Bedside Table

Instagram and all the other social media platforms aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, dedicate your mornings to yourself and your mind.


Set a Time Period in the Day That Is Just for You

You are important. Make time for yourself during the day and do something that REWARDS your passions. What ever happened to all your hobbies, remember?



No, I’m not telling you to do a full blown workout. But, a few 30mins sessions a week is perfect for your mind and body in fighting off any stress, anxiety and fears.


Differentiate between Daytime and Bedtime

It’s important to maintain a consistent sleeping pattern, otherwise your body just loses its habitual hormone fluctuation which increases stress levels. Subsequently, you’ll probably continue to sleep at 5am and have breakfast at 5pm, if you ask me, that’s not it at all!





Written by @iamarmandtshela



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