What’s All the Fuss About Boar Bristle?



It's not unusual to see "made with 100% boar bristle" plastered across most hairbrushes nowadays. It's almost as if discussing other types of bristles has become taboo. Yet, whilst many people purchase these brushes, most do not know why it is good for their hair. What's all the fuss about them?


What are boar bristles?

Brushes with boar bristles come from the hairs of domesticated boars. These animals look very similar to pigs because they are, quite frankly, the ancestors of domesticated pigs. They have a thick coat of hair that varies in colour and have a similar structure to human hair.


How is it collected?

Boar bristles are collected from domesticated boars. The hairs of the boars are sheared in a similar method that is used in shearing sheep. They are well cared for and their bristles are harvested repeatedly throughout their long lifetimes. Once harvested, the bristles are thoroughly deep cleaned and carefully crafted to make the brushes you use today.


Why is it useful for your hair?

Boar bristle is good for your hair because of its soft and delicate nature. It has a similar structure and softness to human hair. It will not damage your hair and does not generate static electricity as opposed to nylon bristles.

Your hair roots naturally produce an oil called sebum which is used to lubricate your hair follicles. Using a boar bristle brush helps to distribute this oil around your scalp, enhancing the lubrication process and making your hair appear more lustrous and shiny.   

There is also an increase in blood flow around your scalp and your hair follicles are unclogged. These are all crucial to developing and maintaining strong and healthy hair and are why many hairbrushes now contain boar bristles.


Written by Dami Adebayo




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